Artist's Writings
Listed here are some of the writings and photos of the author published to date. Two of the articles on photography are found on this website.

Artist's Writings and Publications

BOOK: Monasticism in Egypt: Images and Words of the Desert Fathers, first edition published by the American University in Cairo Press, Cairo, Egypt, 1998; second ebook edition published in 2011 for all eReaders, and the third edition published by ILP Press, 2012.

THESIS: "Margaret Bourke-White in Russia --1930-1932: The Effect of That Experience on Her Life and Work," Syracuse University, 1981

PHOTOS: "Lifelight -- Romans II" (Enrichment Magazine, Concordia Publishing House), published in 2001. One photo was used to illustrate "Live to the Lord," on p. 21.

PHOTOS: Christian History, Issue 64 (Vol. XVIII, No. 4), published in the Fall of 1999. For this special issue on St. Anthony the Great, seven photographs were used to illustrate various articles. Photos appeared on pp. 5, 10-11, 23, 25, 38, and 43 (2 photos).

PHOTO: Small Farmer's Journal, Summer 2013, vol. 37 no. 3, p. 22. Photo of cowherds and cattle in South Sudan, illustrating an editorial by the publisher, Lynn Miller.

COMPACT DISK: "Missa Universalis," a CD produced in Rio de Janeiro by Alex Saba, used several photos from the Egyptian gallery.

ARTICLE: Small Farmer's Journal, "A Foreign Policy Agriculture Agenda that Wins for All," Summer 2014, vol. 38 no. 3, pp. 9-10. This editorial examines the need for a foreign policy agriculture agenda that promotes organic farming, sustainability, keeps people on the land, and minimizes the use of chemicals and other industrial inputs, instead of allowing trade promotion to set the agenda.

ARTICLE: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, "The Assault on Albanian Culture in Kosovo," 5 May 1999, p. 9. Examines official Serbian government policy toward ethnic Albanian cultural, educational, media, and religious institutions, as well as human rights in general. Information in the article is based on the author's personal experiences from having lived and worked in Kosovo for one year.

ARTICLE: The Christian Activist, published three times a year in Mr. Hermon, CA., circ. 55,000. Used several photos of Orthodox monks and monasteries for a special issue on monasticism (vol. 4, 1994), in addition to an article on Michael McClellan entitled, "Monasticism Through the Camera's Lens: One Convert's Pilgrimage," by James Buchfuehrer.

ARTICLE: Egypt Travel & Recreation Guide, annual guide published by Cairo Today magazine in Cairo, Egypt. Contained two articles in the 1992 edition with text and photos by Michael McClellan entitled, "The Monasteries of Egypt" and "The Flight of the Holy Family."

ARTICLE: Business Monthly, published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. In a special issue on the media in Egypt, McClellan authored an article entitled, "Snapshots: Not as Simple As it Sounds," and "AUC Photojournalism Program," which was about the first ever university-level photojournalism program in the Arab World which the author helped develop at the American University in Cairo.

ARTICLE: Mass Comm Review, Fall 1983, "Social Responsibility and the New Technology." This article is an analysis of philospher and theologian Reinhold Niebuhr's view of the role and duty of the press in modern society.

INTERVIEW: Syri, Albanian-language weekly newspaper published in Zurich and Pristina (Kosovo), published an interview by noted Kosovo photographer, Naim Shala, with McClellan in the April 28, 1997, issue. Entitled, "I Did Not Know that Gjon Mili Is of Albanian Descent," the interview discussed photography in the United States and the monastery documentary project.