Images of Nature and the Spirit

Since 1978, Michael McClellan has been actively photographing across the United States and then around the world, having lived in nine countries in Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, and Eastern and Western Europe, as well as visited over thirty other countries in the intervening years. Concentrating primarily – but not entirely – on religious subjects, McClellan seeks to convey through his images something of the essence of the spirituality that drives people throughout the ages to seek solitude, build edifices of faith, produce art that speaks of spiritual themes, and live simple lives in harmony with their environment.

You will find here images of nature and the spirit from Egypt, Kosovo, Turkey, Ireland, Ethiopia, and Albania, as well as photos of Amish and Shaker sites and a few other miscellaneous photos from the United States. These photos are mostly of religious subjects, but non-religious subjects are included as well. These galleries will grow, and more galleries will be added, in the months to come, so please check back for updates.

In addition, some articles by the photographer are available as well as reviews of previous exhibitions. Enjoy the photos and feel free to contact the photographer if you wish to purchase digital rights to any of the images or purchase a print!

NOTICE - One-Man Exhibition entitled, "Celts and Copts: Monasticism in Egypt, Ireland, and Ethiopia" was hung at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, from October 17, 2011 through December 9, 2011. The university has now acquired nineteen of the images for its permanent collection and exhibition. Also, the author's book, "Monasticism in Egypt: Images and Words of the Desert Fathers," is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, as well as via Nook through Barnes & Noble, throughout the world.
Monastic Portraits